DIY Push Pin Word Wall Art

Over the weekend, the girls and I finished 4 of our word wall art panels for their loft area and our house keys and mail area.


Gold and multi-colored push pins

Canvas or Burlap boards



Hooks (used for the key holder/wall art)

Glue gun (adhesive for any other accents/mini charms you want on canvas)

Drill gun (used to drill holes for hooks)

Foam board or cardboard (used to cover back of canvas)

With a pencil, start writing out the desired word or saying on canvas or burlap board. For our wall key holder, the girls and I accented it with mini key charms. Lil suggested the word “Stuff”. It sounded more fun than “Mail & Keys”.

image (64)

Place first push pin on the first letter, followed by another pin. Make sure it slightly overlaps the first pin and repeat process as you go. We used multiple colors to make the wall art more fun.

image (62)

image (61)

image (60)

Make sure to cover the back of canvas with cardboard or foam board.

image (59)

image (58)

After that I drilled three holes at the bottom of canvas where wood frame is and inserted the hooks.

image (96)

Here are the 4 push pin wall arts, we created. We thought the gold push pins went very well with the denim canvas. The girls and I loved doing this quick and easy project. I’d recommend it for kids ages 8 and up. Emmy who’s 5 years old was able to do it with supervision. Enjoy!

image (94)



DIY Drawstring Backpack

Lil left for Science camp today. Before she left with her 6th grade classmates, I made her a drawstring bag to put her toiletries in. She loved it but was to shy too model it. So, our royal mutt took the bag modeling task on and was rewarded an afternoon of play at the park.

image (93)


image (92)

10 x 10 polyester fabric (I found a pair for $1 at dollar store)

1 pair of shoes laces (54 inches long each)

Needle and thread or sewing machine

First, fold about an inch of fabric over and sew. We will use this channel for our drawstrings.

image (91)

Next, sew all three sides. Remember to leave a half inch opening at the bottom on bag for drawstrings’ ends.

image (90)

image (89)

After you’ve sewn all 3 sides, feed shoelaces through the left and right channels. Feed through tips of one shoelace through the two holes on left side. Repeat process on right side.

image (88)

Once the shoelaces have been fed through, pull them over the bag’s opening and into the bag. Pulls tips through the half inch opening at the bottom of bag.

image (87)

Sew drawstrings into place. I backstitched a few times to reinforce the stitches.

image (86)

Pull bag inside out and you just made a drawstring backpack. Enjoy!

image (85)


DIY Upcycled 4-in-1 Project

Inspired by Ingrid Nilsen’s DIY Upcycled Spring Décor, the girls and I decided to make our own pen/vase/note/toothbrush holder.

image (66)

What You Need:

Empty Tin Can (we used a tea can) OR any empty plastic container (we used a gelato container)

Mini clothespins/regular plain or decorated clothespin for larger container (we used 24 mini ones from Michael’s Arts and Crafts)

Glittery washi tape or any decorative tape or wrapping paper

This was a great, quick, easy project for my girls, and a wonderful way to teach them how to reuse or re-purpose old material that we’d usually throw in the recycling bin. Emmy started by attaching the clothespins around the tin can’s rim.

image (80)

image (79)

image (78)


image (76)

In less than 5 minutes, we were done! Here’s our upcycled pen holder.

image (75)

You can also use it as a vase for flowers.

image (74)

Or an instant note holder.

image (72)

Here’s the other version using gelato plastic container and glittery washi tape to add a little bling. :)

image (73)

image (71)

image (70)

image (69)

Makes a fun toothbrush holder too! :)

image (67)

We love to see your version of this upcycled project! Make sure to share :)

DIY Totoro Burlap Wall Art

The family and I have been busy prepping for our upcoming move this summer.  The girls are getting excited about decorating their own rooms. Yes, they both finally get their own individual spaces. Lil and Emmy are polar opposites when it comes to their taste in décor but they both love the character Totoro. They both requested they’d like to put a Totoro wall art in their rooms. Inspired by a watercolored burlap Totoro throw pillow, we did our DIY wall art project.


image (47)

What you need:

image (55)

Make Market Burlap Panel (set  of 2 $5.99 9 inch x 12 inch was 40% off in Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store)

image (43)

Watercolor (we used Artist’s Loft)


Cup of water

Scissors (use to cut out Totoro template shape)

8 1/2 X 11 Paper and Sharpie marker (I drew Totoro image as our template guide)


First, take 1 burlap panel and lay Totoro template on top of it and trace outline of image.  Use drawing as your guide to draw in Totoro’s face and body details.

image (54)

image (53)

image (52)

image (51)

image (50)


image (49)

Emmy loved this part the most since she didn’t have to be too careful about painting. Using a combination of long and short strokes, we painted away.  Don’t panic if the paint looks like its sinking into the panel. To achieve a less darker and saturated paint look, dip you paintbrush in some water and brush over the applied paint.  Use more paint to darken other areas.


In minutes, we were done and let our masterpiece dry by the window.

image (48)


image (46)


image (45)

Lil and I plan to make a few more panels using denim, canvas and gray colored panels. This is a great project for kids ages 5 and up. We’d love to see your version of Totoro art! So do share. :)

Rain or Shine DIY Hopscotch

Hi friends, spring is almost here! But in some areas of the world, looks like spring is still a dream.

The girls and I found an activity that kids can enjoy any weather. Hopscotch! Emmy loves drawing in her hopscotch with chalk on our sidewalk. But time and time again would be disappointed to see it washed away by our community ground cleaners. So, we thought why not make a more permanent one.

DIY Hopscotch

What you will need:


Yoga mat

Painter’s tape

Contact paper (we got a chevron printed one from Target’s dollar spot for $3)



Bean Bag (I’ll post “how to” in another post)



Using the picture above as our template, Emmy had fun helping me form the hopscotch pattern on mat. We measured the size of the squares to fit her feet. You can customize yours accordingly.



What was a bit of challenge was writing the numbers reverse on the back of contact paper. Just have fun with it. The numbers don’t have to look perfect.


Emmy puts our mat to the test. What’s great about using a yoga mat is its slip resistant! Plus, you can flip it over and use the other side for yoga, and roll it up when you’re all done for easy storage.






Our Royal Mutt, Bailey approves.


Lil and I had fun trying it out too. Happy Hopscotching!

February Updates

Happy February everyone! I’m still getting over a relentless cough. For now, I’d like to share a few updates.

We celebrated Emmy’s 5th birthday over the weekend. She finally had her dream come true princess themed party at Super Franks. We had Lil’s 6th/7th birthday there and were surprised to see additional perks that Lil didn’t have then.  Aside from the standard coloring and dress up like a princess activities, they had a fashion show, storytime with Q&A game and small prizes, freeze dance, and bubble machine.


This year, we decided to buy mini cupcakes because the kids are not big cake eaters. Using the mini cupcakes, I formed a small letter E initial. Here’s Emmy’s cake before party.


Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (at the party)

I got the “Have your Cake and Eat It Too.” liners from Michaels a year ago. Finally put it to good use. :)


Bailey, our royal mutt has his own instagram account. Feel free to follow him! His instagram address is “The Royal Mutt”.

BaileyPortrait (1)


“You talking to me?!”

BaileyPortrait (2)

Jack and The Beanstalk

Bailey keeping a close eye on our plant’s daily growing progress.



Look how big our plant has grown! It’s much taller than the plant we’d originally seen at Safeway.

amaryllisbloom1 (2)

I See Red

amaryllisbloom1 (1)

Have a fabulous February!



“Two Winks” (Grow Already!)

About two weeks ago, the girls and I planted our amaryllis bulb.  The plant care card indicated that we’d see some growth in two weeks.  Emmy exclaimed, “Mommy, the plant will grow in two winks?!”.  Lil was quick to correct her little sister and said, “No silly, its two weeks.”.  Emmy insisted, “No, I heard mommy says two winks!”.  Lil challenged Emmy to see if the plant would grow if she winked. My determined four-year-old stood in front of our potted bulb and winked twice but was disappointed to see no change.  After a little explanation of the miscommunication and the idea of a countdown, Emmy’s interest was reignited.

My young gardeners visited their plant daily.  Emmy often pleading, “Grow already!”.  Almost two weeks had passed and we finally saw a little leaf peeking out of the bulb.  In just over a 5 day period, our plant has progressively grown.




Look who else has taken interest.

image (322)

This morning, I found Bailey back at his plant watching and sniffing post.

image (324)image (325)

image (323)

The girls are learning a great deal about patience (especially Emmy) and the rewards of nurturing their plant.  Look how much our plant has grown overnight.  Have a great day everyone!


GARDENING TIP: Keep amaryllis plant’s soil moist and place plant in an area where it will get sufficient sunlight.