DIY Drawstring Backpack

Lil left for Science camp today. Before she left with her 6th grade classmates, I made her a drawstring bag to put her toiletries in. She loved it but was to shy too model it. So, our royal mutt took the bag modeling task on and was rewarded an afternoon of play at the park.

image (93)


image (92)

10 x 10 polyester fabric (I found a pair for $1 at dollar store)

1 pair of shoes laces (54 inches long each)

Needle and thread or sewing machine

First, fold about an inch of fabric over and sew. We will use this channel for our drawstrings.

image (91)

Next, sew all three sides. Remember to leave a half inch opening at the bottom on bag for drawstrings’ ends.

image (90)

image (89)

After you’ve sewn all 3 sides, feed shoelaces through the left and right channels. Feed through tips of one shoelace through the two holes on left side. Repeat process on right side.

image (88)

Once the shoelaces have been fed through, pull them over the bag’s opening and into the bag. Pulls tips through the half inch opening at the bottom of bag.

image (87)

Sew drawstrings into place. I backstitched a few times to reinforce the stitches.

image (86)

Pull bag inside out and you just made a drawstring backpack. Enjoy!

image (85)



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