DIY Totoro Burlap Wall Art

The family and I have been busy prepping for our upcoming move this summer.  The girls are getting excited about decorating their own rooms. Yes, they both finally get their own individual spaces. Lil and Emmy are polar opposites when it comes to their taste in décor but they both love the character Totoro. They both requested they’d like to put a Totoro wall art in their rooms. Inspired by a watercolored burlap Totoro throw pillow, we did our DIY wall art project.


image (47)

What you need:

image (55)

Make Market Burlap Panel (set  of 2 $5.99 9 inch x 12 inch was 40% off in Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store)

image (43)

Watercolor (we used Artist’s Loft)


Cup of water

Scissors (use to cut out Totoro template shape)

8 1/2 X 11 Paper and Sharpie marker (I drew Totoro image as our template guide)


First, take 1 burlap panel and lay Totoro template on top of it and trace outline of image.  Use drawing as your guide to draw in Totoro’s face and body details.

image (54)

image (53)

image (52)

image (51)

image (50)


image (49)

Emmy loved this part the most since she didn’t have to be too careful about painting. Using a combination of long and short strokes, we painted away.  Don’t panic if the paint looks like its sinking into the panel. To achieve a less darker and saturated paint look, dip you paintbrush in some water and brush over the applied paint.  Use more paint to darken other areas.


In minutes, we were done and let our masterpiece dry by the window.

image (48)


image (46)


image (45)

Lil and I plan to make a few more panels using denim, canvas and gray colored panels. This is a great project for kids ages 5 and up. We’d love to see your version of Totoro art! So do share. 🙂

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