DIY Upcycled 4-in-1 Project

Inspired by Ingrid Nilsen’s DIY Upcycled Spring Décor, the girls and I decided to make our own pen/vase/note/toothbrush holder.

image (66)

What You Need:

Empty Tin Can (we used a tea can) OR any empty plastic container (we used a gelato container)

Mini clothespins/regular plain or decorated clothespin for larger container (we used 24 mini ones from Michael’s Arts and Crafts)

Glittery washi tape or any decorative tape or wrapping paper

This was a great, quick, easy project for my girls, and a wonderful way to teach them how to reuse or re-purpose old material that we’d usually throw in the recycling bin. Emmy started by attaching the clothespins around the tin can’s rim.

image (80)

image (79)

image (78)


image (76)

In less than 5 minutes, we were done! Here’s our upcycled pen holder.

image (75)

You can also use it as a vase for flowers.

image (74)

Or an instant note holder.

image (72)

Here’s the other version using gelato plastic container and glittery washi tape to add a little bling. 🙂

image (73)

image (71)

image (70)

image (69)

Makes a fun toothbrush holder too! 🙂

image (67)

We love to see your version of this upcycled project! Make sure to share 🙂


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