DIY Disney Inside Out Glass Gem Magnets

A few weeks ago, the family and I watched the Inside Out movie. We enjoyed it! Like the characters in the movie, we too recently moved to a new home. The lead character is Lil’s age and is entering middle school. The central theme of the movie revolved around feelings to changes in life particularly that of a young girl.

image (149)

The girls loved the five characters that represented feelings. There’s Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and fear.   It reminded me of the Feelings Chart I created for my girls a few years ago. I felt inspired to create an updated version using the Inside Out characters.

Here’s what you need for Glass Gem Magnets:

image (142)

5 Glass Gems, 1 inch  (we found a bag of glass gems in floral dept. at Hobby Lobby for $2.99)

1 Picture print out of the Inside Out characters

Modge Podge dimensional magic

1 toothpick

E6000 adhesive tube

5 round magnets (found a set of 16 round 1 inch vinyl magnets at Hobby Lobby for $2.99)

1 inch punch holer (Recollections brand from Michael’s Arts and Crafts)


First, cut the picture in strips separating the 5 characters. This makes it easier to insert paper into punch holer. (see my DIY Disney Inside Out Glass Gem Magnet step by step video)

Next, take your punch holer and turn it over backside facing up. Slide in paper and punch away.

image (141)

After punch holing images, time to pick the glass gem. Place a glass gem over the image and see which one shows off the picture best. Some of the glass gems were blurry.

image (135)

Pour a drop of modge podge dimensional magic over the flat side of glass gem. Using your toothpick, spread out solution evenly . This will serve as an adhesive for our image. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

image (139)

image (138)


Apply a small amount of E6000 adhesive of the back of dried glass gem and attach magnet. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

image (144)

Tadah! Your very own, Disney Inside Out glass gem magnets.

image (146)

These magnets are a fun way to decorate your kids magnetic board, hold pictures or notes.  It’s also a fun tool, I use to communicate with my kids.  Especially during times when they feel frustrated and can’t seem to articulate what they feel at the moment.

Check out our Magnetic Feelings Chart. Using clipart in Word, select three images representing family, school and friends. We make it a practice to talk about the days events. This chart gives the kids a chance to rate how they felt about each encounter. Plus, it lends us perspective on how they feel and signals us to jump in when they need help dealing with any issues.

image (148)

Our royal mutt was feeling sad one day and using our magnets, we asked him how he felt. Watch DIY Disney Inside Out Magnetic Feelings Chart video to see what he does.

image (150)

Also, check out my YouTube channel, Cara Mia’s Corner and follow our dog Bailey on Instagram.


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