Rain or Shine DIY Hopscotch

Hi friends, spring is almost here! But in some areas of the world, looks like spring is still a dream.

The girls and I found an activity that kids can enjoy any weather. Hopscotch! Emmy loves drawing in her hopscotch with chalk on our sidewalk. But time and time again would be disappointed to see it washed away by our community ground cleaners. So, we thought why not make a more permanent one.

DIY Hopscotch

What you will need:


Yoga mat

Painter’s tape

Contact paper (we got a chevron printed one from Target’s dollar spot for $3)



Bean Bag (I’ll post “how to” in another post)



Using the picture above as our template, Emmy had fun helping me form the hopscotch pattern on mat. We measured the size of the squares to fit her feet. You can customize yours accordingly.



What was a bit of challenge was writing the numbers reverse on the back of contact paper. Just have fun with it. The numbers don’t have to look perfect.


Emmy puts our mat to the test. What’s great about using a yoga mat is its slip resistant! Plus, you can flip it over and use the other side for yoga, and roll it up when you’re all done for easy storage.






Our Royal Mutt, Bailey approves.


Lil and I had fun trying it out too. Happy Hopscotching!


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