DIY Bird Clothespin Picture Frame

I love photographs of birds’ sitting on wire. I was recently looking through my scrapbook papers and found one that showed the silhouette of birds sitting on wire.  This inspired me to make a clothespin frame that can hold pictures or note cards.

image (154)




10×10 INCH frame (you can use a bigger rectangular frame to accommodate more pictures)

teal colored yarn

decorative bird’s clothespin (found a set of 8 from Michael’s Arts and Crafts for $1.50)

scrapbook paper or gift wrapping paper (optional)

black elastic cord (two 12 inch long cords)

double sided adhesive or Velcro (optional)

image (158)

First, tie black elastic cord to top side of frame. Make sure to tie a knot to keep cord in place.  Repeat same process when attaching the second elastic cord to mid-section of frame.

image (157)

Next, wrap yarn around all four corners of frame. Leave the corners of frame exposed. I tied the top elastic cord diagonally to add variation.

image (162)

Attach decorative bird clothespin on elastic cord according to your taste.

image (161)

Customize your clothespin frame with your photos, polaroid pictures, and cute note cards.


To add a backdrop, select scrapbook paper design according to your taste. Here are three different background examples. Attach paper with double side adhesive. For interchangeable backdrops, attach paper with Velcro.

image (155)

image (163)

image (156)

Otherwise, you can use your wall as a backdrop for frame.

image (164)

image (159)

Check out the DIY video for this project and more, on my YouTube channel: Cara Mia’s Corner.  Happy creating!


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