DIY Washi Tape Holder

Hi friends! I’m back with a quick and easy DIY for you.   If you scrapbook or make flip cards or flip books for snail mail pals like I do, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the sight of washi tape piled up in a box or bowl for storage.

Here’s a fun way to clear up the washi clutter and make your work space more efficient. You’ll need: (link to my: DIY Washi Tape Holder video)


1 square peg board (I got mine for Target’s dollar spot for $5, included  4 hooks)

three 12 inch dowels (less than a $1 each from crafts store)

colorful paper straw (substitute for dowel and can be used for tiny washi tape rolls)

5 large brads (use to create word tile on your peg board)

letter stickers (use to spell word “washi”)

1 square colorful crafting paper (for our pinwheel decoration for peg board)

enamel gel or any round decorative stickers (to decorate pinwheel)


and washi tapes 🙂

Let’s begin!

Attach hooks to peg holes and adjust hook spacing according to length of straw or dowel


Place your washi tapes on dowel or decorative paper straw then place dowel/straw with washi on peg hooks according to your preference. I put small ones at the top.  Also, if you have spare wooden paintbrushes laying around, you may use it in place of the dowel.


Now let’s decorate our peg board with a fun pinwheel and brads! (watch my easy DIY Pinwheel video here.)

Fold square craft paper in half. Open and fold again in half, creating two paper creases. Use the creases as your guide. Cut 3/4 of the way. Now, alternately pull the corners of the paper to the center. Use glue to secure paper.

washic (1)

Decorate center of pinwheel with an enamel dot or any round decorative sticker.

washic (2)

Attach 5 letter stickers on the metal brads and spell word, W-A-S-H-I.  Attach large brads to the top right of your peg board and secure as shown in picture.



You’re done! Wasn’t that easy? Plus, its not only a washi tape holder, the colorful display of washi makes a fun wall art for your craft room.


To see more DIY projects, visit my YouTube channel: Cara Mia’s Corner

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