DIY Push Pin Word Wall Art

Over the weekend, the girls and I finished 4 of our word wall art panels for their loft area and our house keys and mail area.


Gold and multi-colored push pins

Canvas or Burlap boards



Hooks (used for the key holder/wall art)

Glue gun (adhesive for any other accents/mini charms you want on canvas)

Drill gun (used to drill holes for hooks)

Foam board or cardboard (used to cover back of canvas)

With a pencil, start writing out the desired word or saying on canvas or burlap board. For our wall key holder, the girls and I accented it with mini key charms. Lil suggested the word “Stuff”. It sounded more fun than “Mail & Keys”.

image (64)

Place first push pin on the first letter, followed by another pin. Make sure it slightly overlaps the first pin and repeat process as you go. We used multiple colors to make the wall art more fun.

image (62)

image (61)

image (60)

Make sure to cover the back of canvas with cardboard or foam board.

image (59)

image (58)

After that I drilled three holes at the bottom of canvas where wood frame is and inserted the hooks.

image (96)

Here are the 4 push pin wall arts, we created. We thought the gold push pins went very well with the denim canvas. The girls and I loved doing this quick and easy project. I’d recommend it for kids ages 8 and up. Emmy who’s 5 years old was able to do it with supervision. Enjoy!

image (94)

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