Moana Birthday Party Game Ideas

Where has the time flown? I blinked and it’s 2017! Happy New Year everyone!

The family and I finally got to see the Disney movie, Moana. We loved the story, the songs and the endearing characters. My six year old daughter, Emmy especially loved Pua the pig. Her 7th birthday is coming up end of the month and Emmy requested a Moana themed party.

When it comes to kids birthday parties, I try to keep purchasing party décor and games to a minimum. At first, Emmy suggested that we have a game “Pin the Bow tie on Pua” but my oldest daughter Lil chimed in and asked, “How is that Hawaiian theme? Shouldn’t a lei be more appropriate?” Emmy completely agreed and the “Pin the Lei on Pua” game came to be.


Here’s what you need for this super easy DIY Pin The Lei on Pua:

1 Black Sharpie

White Sheet of paper (11 X 17)

Basket Weave Paper Liner

Lei Clip Art image

Double sided tape

Cardboard (24 X 36)

First, draw Pua, using your sharpie and paper. Next, open word document and select Lei clipart and adjust size accordingly to fit Pua’s neck. I reused one of our packing boxes and cut it out to 24 X 36. This will be the base of our game’s backdrop. Attach basket weave paper liner on top of cardboard. You may also, use gift wrapping paper with a Hawaiian theme. Next, cut out Pua illustration and attach to cardboard backdrop. Print out lei clipart and cut out. Attach double sided tape to lei cut outs. Put Pua board on wall and you’re ready to play!

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DIY Washi Tape Holder

Hi friends! I’m back with a quick and easy DIY for you.   If you scrapbook or make flip cards or flip books for snail mail pals like I do, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the sight of washi tape piled up in a box or bowl for storage.

Here’s a fun way to clear up the washi clutter and make your work space more efficient. You’ll need: (link to my: DIY Washi Tape Holder video)


1 square peg board (I got mine for Target’s dollar spot for $5, included  4 hooks)

three 12 inch dowels (less than a $1 each from crafts store)

colorful paper straw (substitute for dowel and can be used for tiny washi tape rolls)

5 large brads (use to create word tile on your peg board)

letter stickers (use to spell word “washi”)

1 square colorful crafting paper (for our pinwheel decoration for peg board)

enamel gel or any round decorative stickers (to decorate pinwheel)


and washi tapes 🙂

Let’s begin!

Attach hooks to peg holes and adjust hook spacing according to length of straw or dowel


Place your washi tapes on dowel or decorative paper straw then place dowel/straw with washi on peg hooks according to your preference. I put small ones at the top.  Also, if you have spare wooden paintbrushes laying around, you may use it in place of the dowel.


Now let’s decorate our peg board with a fun pinwheel and brads! (watch my easy DIY Pinwheel video here.)

Fold square craft paper in half. Open and fold again in half, creating two paper creases. Use the creases as your guide. Cut 3/4 of the way. Now, alternately pull the corners of the paper to the center. Use glue to secure paper.

washic (1)

Decorate center of pinwheel with an enamel dot or any round decorative sticker.

washic (2)

Attach 5 letter stickers on the metal brads and spell word, W-A-S-H-I.  Attach large brads to the top right of your peg board and secure as shown in picture.



You’re done! Wasn’t that easy? Plus, its not only a washi tape holder, the colorful display of washi makes a fun wall art for your craft room.


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DIY Bird Clothespin Picture Frame

I love photographs of birds’ sitting on wire. I was recently looking through my scrapbook papers and found one that showed the silhouette of birds sitting on wire.  This inspired me to make a clothespin frame that can hold pictures or note cards.

image (154)




10×10 INCH frame (you can use a bigger rectangular frame to accommodate more pictures)

teal colored yarn

decorative bird’s clothespin (found a set of 8 from Michael’s Arts and Crafts for $1.50)

scrapbook paper or gift wrapping paper (optional)

black elastic cord (two 12 inch long cords)

double sided adhesive or Velcro (optional)

image (158)

First, tie black elastic cord to top side of frame. Make sure to tie a knot to keep cord in place.  Repeat same process when attaching the second elastic cord to mid-section of frame.

image (157)

Next, wrap yarn around all four corners of frame. Leave the corners of frame exposed. I tied the top elastic cord diagonally to add variation.

image (162)

Attach decorative bird clothespin on elastic cord according to your taste.

image (161)

Customize your clothespin frame with your photos, polaroid pictures, and cute note cards.


To add a backdrop, select scrapbook paper design according to your taste. Here are three different background examples. Attach paper with double side adhesive. For interchangeable backdrops, attach paper with Velcro.

image (155)

image (163)

image (156)

Otherwise, you can use your wall as a backdrop for frame.

image (164)

image (159)

Check out the DIY video for this project and more, on my YouTube channel: Cara Mia’s Corner.  Happy creating!

DIY Disney Inside Out Glass Gem Magnets

A few weeks ago, the family and I watched the Inside Out movie. We enjoyed it! Like the characters in the movie, we too recently moved to a new home. The lead character is Lil’s age and is entering middle school. The central theme of the movie revolved around feelings to changes in life particularly that of a young girl.

image (149)

The girls loved the five characters that represented feelings. There’s Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and fear.   It reminded me of the Feelings Chart I created for my girls a few years ago. I felt inspired to create an updated version using the Inside Out characters.

Here’s what you need for Glass Gem Magnets:

image (142)

5 Glass Gems, 1 inch  (we found a bag of glass gems in floral dept. at Hobby Lobby for $2.99)

1 Picture print out of the Inside Out characters

Modge Podge dimensional magic

1 toothpick

E6000 adhesive tube

5 round magnets (found a set of 16 round 1 inch vinyl magnets at Hobby Lobby for $2.99)

1 inch punch holer (Recollections brand from Michael’s Arts and Crafts)


First, cut the picture in strips separating the 5 characters. This makes it easier to insert paper into punch holer. (see my DIY Disney Inside Out Glass Gem Magnet step by step video)

Next, take your punch holer and turn it over backside facing up. Slide in paper and punch away.

image (141)

After punch holing images, time to pick the glass gem. Place a glass gem over the image and see which one shows off the picture best. Some of the glass gems were blurry.

image (135)

Pour a drop of modge podge dimensional magic over the flat side of glass gem. Using your toothpick, spread out solution evenly . This will serve as an adhesive for our image. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

image (139)

image (138)


Apply a small amount of E6000 adhesive of the back of dried glass gem and attach magnet. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

image (144)

Tadah! Your very own, Disney Inside Out glass gem magnets.

image (146)

These magnets are a fun way to decorate your kids magnetic board, hold pictures or notes.  It’s also a fun tool, I use to communicate with my kids.  Especially during times when they feel frustrated and can’t seem to articulate what they feel at the moment.

Check out our Magnetic Feelings Chart. Using clipart in Word, select three images representing family, school and friends. We make it a practice to talk about the days events. This chart gives the kids a chance to rate how they felt about each encounter. Plus, it lends us perspective on how they feel and signals us to jump in when they need help dealing with any issues.

image (148)

Our royal mutt was feeling sad one day and using our magnets, we asked him how he felt. Watch DIY Disney Inside Out Magnetic Feelings Chart video to see what he does.

image (150)

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DIY Push Pin Word Wall Art

Over the weekend, the girls and I finished 4 of our word wall art panels for their loft area and our house keys and mail area.


Gold and multi-colored push pins

Canvas or Burlap boards



Hooks (used for the key holder/wall art)

Glue gun (adhesive for any other accents/mini charms you want on canvas)

Drill gun (used to drill holes for hooks)

Foam board or cardboard (used to cover back of canvas)

With a pencil, start writing out the desired word or saying on canvas or burlap board. For our wall key holder, the girls and I accented it with mini key charms. Lil suggested the word “Stuff”. It sounded more fun than “Mail & Keys”.

image (64)

Place first push pin on the first letter, followed by another pin. Make sure it slightly overlaps the first pin and repeat process as you go. We used multiple colors to make the wall art more fun.

image (62)

image (61)

image (60)

Make sure to cover the back of canvas with cardboard or foam board.

image (59)

image (58)

After that I drilled three holes at the bottom of canvas where wood frame is and inserted the hooks.

image (96)

Here are the 4 push pin wall arts, we created. We thought the gold push pins went very well with the denim canvas. The girls and I loved doing this quick and easy project. I’d recommend it for kids ages 8 and up. Emmy who’s 5 years old was able to do it with supervision. Enjoy!

image (94)

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DIY Drawstring Backpack

Lil left for Science camp today. Before she left with her 6th grade classmates, I made her a drawstring bag to put her toiletries in. She loved it but was to shy too model it. So, our royal mutt took the bag modeling task on and was rewarded an afternoon of play at the park.

image (93)


image (92)

10 x 10 polyester fabric (I found a pair for $1 at dollar store)

1 pair of shoes laces (54 inches long each)

Needle and thread or sewing machine

First, fold about an inch of fabric over and sew. We will use this channel for our drawstrings.

image (91)

Next, sew all three sides. Remember to leave a half inch opening at the bottom on bag for drawstrings’ ends.

image (90)

image (89)

After you’ve sewn all 3 sides, feed shoelaces through the left and right channels. Feed through tips of one shoelace through the two holes on left side. Repeat process on right side.

image (88)

Once the shoelaces have been fed through, pull them over the bag’s opening and into the bag. Pulls tips through the half inch opening at the bottom of bag.

image (87)

Sew drawstrings into place. I backstitched a few times to reinforce the stitches.

image (86)

Pull bag inside out and you just made a drawstring backpack. Enjoy!

image (85)


DIY Upcycled 4-in-1 Project

Inspired by Ingrid Nilsen’s DIY Upcycled Spring Décor, the girls and I decided to make our own pen/vase/note/toothbrush holder.

image (66)

What You Need:

Empty Tin Can (we used a tea can) OR any empty plastic container (we used a gelato container)

Mini clothespins/regular plain or decorated clothespin for larger container (we used 24 mini ones from Michael’s Arts and Crafts)

Glittery washi tape or any decorative tape or wrapping paper

This was a great, quick, easy project for my girls, and a wonderful way to teach them how to reuse or re-purpose old material that we’d usually throw in the recycling bin. Emmy started by attaching the clothespins around the tin can’s rim.

image (80)

image (79)

image (78)


image (76)

In less than 5 minutes, we were done! Here’s our upcycled pen holder.

image (75)

You can also use it as a vase for flowers.

image (74)

Or an instant note holder.

image (72)

Here’s the other version using gelato plastic container and glittery washi tape to add a little bling. 🙂

image (73)

image (71)

image (70)

image (69)

Makes a fun toothbrush holder too! 🙂

image (67)

We love to see your version of this upcycled project! Make sure to share 🙂