“Two Winks” (Grow Already!)

About two weeks ago, the girls and I planted our amaryllis bulb.  The plant care card indicated that we’d see some growth in two weeks.  Emmy exclaimed, “Mommy, the plant will grow in two winks?!”.  Lil was quick to correct her little sister and said, “No silly, its two weeks.”.  Emmy insisted, “No, I heard mommy says two winks!”.  Lil challenged Emmy to see if the plant would grow if she winked. My determined four-year-old stood in front of our potted bulb and winked twice but was disappointed to see no change.  After a little explanation of the miscommunication and the idea of a countdown, Emmy’s interest was reignited.

My young gardeners visited their plant daily.  Emmy often pleading, “Grow already!”.  Almost two weeks had passed and we finally saw a little leaf peeking out of the bulb.  In just over a 5 day period, our plant has progressively grown.




Look who else has taken interest.

image (322)

This morning, I found Bailey back at his plant watching and sniffing post.

image (324)image (325)

image (323)

The girls are learning a great deal about patience (especially Emmy) and the rewards of nurturing their plant.  Look how much our plant has grown overnight.  Have a great day everyone!


GARDENING TIP: Keep amaryllis plant’s soil moist and place plant in an area where it will get sufficient sunlight.



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