Beneath Our Feet

The girls and I love taking leisurely walks around our neighborhood whenever we can.  We enjoy looking around and finding things that we ordinarily would’ve not noticed because we were too busy walking or running over them.  Here are some we found and took pictures of.


After the rain, the girls were delighted to see the sun but were amused to see all sorts of mushrooms sprouting out of the ground.

image (309)

image (311)

image (313)

image (310)


We thought these growing moss on the sidewalk looked like art. Emmy thought this one resembled a mouse or porcupine.

image (317)

Lil loved this miniature looking “hedges”.

image (290)

image (291)

Patch of Clover

image (315)

Emmy enjoyed running on the green, green grass.

image (316)


Emmy found these small white blooms.

image (289)

image (288)


image (286)

Empty Shells

image (287)

We found an army of these sweet gum tree seedling pods.

image (292)

Last Red

Next time, we’re going to look up and see what’s up above our heads. I’ll close this post with this “above our heads” picture of one of my favorite trees, the sweet gum tree. What interesting things in nature have you seen in your neighborhood?

image (314)



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