The Big Apple

The new year sure has its way of prompting us to try new things, revisit past new year resolutions and make new ones. One of my resolutions is to learn new recipes and actually cook them.

For the past few years, my brother-in-law’s made his signature cinnamon apple cake and brought it to the holiday table. He usually serves a slice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  It’s so good that not even a single crumb is left on any plate.

We’ve prodded him on several occasions to share his secret cake recipe but to no avail. A few days before new year’s, I opened my email inbox and saw his email. Subject line: “Cinnamon-Apple Cake Recipe”. I was ecstatic!

On new year’s eve, I put his secret recipe to work. Lil and Emmy helped me measure out the ingredients. We don’t have a mixer, so we mixed all the ingredients via wisk with Emmy providing mixer sound effects in the background.  An hour and fifteen minutes later and voila! Our very own cinnamon apple cake.

image (3)

Our royal mutt wanted a bite of that apple cake.  But no, he wasn’t having a bite of my cake and eating it too. 😉 The girls did a taste test. Cake was nice and moist. It tastes like really good bread pudding with apples.  We sent my brother-in-law a picture and he replied with approval and added, “all its missing is a scoop of vanilla ice cream.”

image (4)

I shared the rest of the cake with our friends at our New Year’s Eve celebration and as expected, not a single crumb was left on the plate.

Another resolution the girls and I have been undertaking is purging old clothes, toys and books. Currently, the girls are sharing a room. With the seven year age gap between them, Lil has been wanting to redesign her side of the room and let her own style shine.

We were at Bed Bath and Beyond and spotted these NYC storage boxes in the clearance aisle. Lil loved it so much. We bought two. They were only $6 each.

image (5)

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

image (6)



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