Planting New Bulbs

Sometime before Christmas, we spotted this beautiful red lion amaryllis flower at the grocery store. It was $22 with vase.  We thought that was pretty expensive. So, the girls and I settled with taking a picture of it.

image (271)

After Christmas, we lucked out and found this red lion amaryllis flower kit at Target. It was on sale for $6.28 with ceramic pot.

image (272)

New Year’s Day, we decided to plant it.  Here’s what you get in kit: a soil disk, amaryllis bulb, and ceramic pot.

image (280)

Put 2 cups of lukewarm water in bowl and place soil disk on top.

image (278)

Emmy had fun watching the soil expand.

image (279)

image (277)

She also had fun mixing the soil mixture

image (276)

You fill the pot 3/4 full and place the bulb on top.

image (275)

Use the remaining soil to keep bulb in place.

image (274)

The girls are excited to nurture their new plant and see it change and grow just like they saw our butterfly pal Willow grow.

Hope you are all doing well! Happy Year of the Sheep! Wishing you the best of 2015!

image (273)



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