These days, newspaper stands in grocery stores are a rare sight. So, I was surprised to even see them yesterday.   Headlines: Yes, it’s finally raining in California!

image (209)

Speaking of headlines, I thought it was funny that two competing papers had the same headline title. Where has their creativity and originality gone?

image (201)

image (200)(Sorry blurry, pic.  I was next in line to pay cashier.)

This morning, Emmy was delighted to find this spider web decorated with dew drops and fallen leaves.

image (208)

On our way to the library, the rain stopped and we saw this beautiful sight. The clouds mimicked snowcapped mountains.

image (205)

Nature’s Ornaments

image (204)

Last Pumpkin Standing

We picked up Emmy’s friend for playdate and noticed they still had their pumpkin from Halloween.

image (207)Our pumpkin got rotten a few days after Halloween.

image (212)

Christmas Shopping

Emmy helped me kick off some Christmas shopping.  World Market had this fancy looking wine “outfit” on display. Emmy thought is was pretty.

image (203)

Hello, neighbor!

On our way home, Emmy met this cute furry friend. His name’s Sammy.

image (202)

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? 🙂


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