Country Living

The girls had a wonderful time bonding with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents during Thanksgiving break.  My sister-in-law had been inviting us for a few years now to visit them in Missouri but our schedules always didn’t coincide. But this year, we were all finally able to pay her and her family a visit.  Coming from California where we’re used to seeing housing developments sprouting from the ground so often, it was a surprise to see very few houses.  Emmy was so overwhelmed by the size of their front yard. She just stood there carefully looking at all the green around her. All she could say was, “It’s like a park, Mommy.”

image (189)

We were greeted by my sister-in-law’s adorable dogs, Kobe and CJ.  Kobe the Welsh Corgi was a charmer. CJ who is a blue heeler/corgi mix was a little temperamental and liked to keep things in order by barking so loud and got over excited when he saw the kiddies running around. He chased them and almost nipped Emmy’s heels that he was put in the garage for time out. Eventually, the kids learned to not run around CJ and he in turn tried his best to calm down when they did.


Here are some of the observations the girls made:

“Mommy, why don’t they recycle here?”

“Wow this is huge! You can fit 20 houses here.” (referring to the yard)

“Mommy, why are there no fences?”

“It’s cold!”

While in bed with Emmy, “What’s that sound mommy?”.  “That’s rain Emmy.” The rain downpour was so loud that evening Emmy was amazed to hear it compared to the drizzles we get in California.

At Target, “Mommy, how come they don’t charge $0.10 for the bags?”

“Mommy, what are those giant things?” (referring to water tanks)

image (198)

The trip to the mall was pretty refreshing because there were barely any shoppers in it.  My sister-in-law  took us downtown to see Jefferson City Capitol which the girls enjoyed. They liked seeing the giant pillars, statues and were amazed at how old the building was.

image (183)




Emmy even found a way to keep herself warm when she entered the Capitol.


Giant pillars




Yummy BBQ

image (193)

My bro-in-law carved the turkey so fast, I wasn’t able to take pic of whole turkey.

image (196)

No pumpkin pie this year. My sister-in-law made delicious coconut crusted chocolate pies.

image (197)

Mini Christmas tree-like looking bushes by the neighbors house.

image (194)

image (195)

Playing at home and in the backyard was enough to keep the girls entertained.  Even the dogs joined in a friendly game of soccer.



We had a wonderful and relaxing family reunion.  The girls are back in school with wonderful new memories to share with their friends.

Midwest sunset

image (187)


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