Books, etc.

Decisions, Decisions

image (172)

I ended up buying the book compilation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work in Half Price Books for $9.99 and Wonder book for Lil to read on the plane.  Johnny Depp book went back on the shelf. It was good eye candy while I perused the aisles. 😉


image (173)

Last week, Lil finished doing her book report and she felt accomplished after reading a 450 page novel.  Then she saw  the F. Scott book on my desk and exclaimed, “Wow that’s a thick book.” She looked through it and realized there were different stories in it.

image (175)

Also, bumped into this guy as I passed by the romance aisle. Einstein in love.

image (170)

Recently, my sister Corey brought to my attention a book called, “The Book With No Pictures” by B.J. Novak. We got our copy today! It’ll be a fun, interactive book to read to the girls and their cousins.

image (169)

The royal mutt wishes he could go but he’s off to the pet’s hotel for a week. We’ll miss him! He turns 6 years old tomorrow too! Happy Thanksgiving to you all and safe travels!

image (168)


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