I Heart Robot

Emmy’s pretty good about entertaining herself by working on her Pre-K workbooks while we wait for Lil to finish her weekly piano lessons.  Recently, we bought this cute magnetic poetry word board.  Emmy was drawn to the flower bearing robot on the cover.  After working on a few pages of her workbook, she eagerly asked for the poetry board. Her eyes were quickly fixated at the magnetic word cut outs.  It was amusing to watch her intently shuffling the words around.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I’m sorting the words.”

Emmy’s mastered her alphabet but is still learning her sight words. After Lil’s piano class, Emmy proudly presented her sorted words. “Look Mommy!” I noticed she grouped small words in one column and the bigger words in other columns.  But what appeared to be jumbled up words turned out to be an accidental love poem written in the robot’s voice. Using our best robot voice Lil and I read out loud Emmy’s poem from top to bottom on every column.  See Emmy’s amusing poem below. It makes sense and best read with robot voice.  🙂




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