How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

A few months ago, Emmy and I were at Petsmart shopping for Bailey’s dog food. We went through the aisles and looked at the birds and guinea pigs.  On the way out, we passed the pets hotel window where we saw a number of dogs playing in the doggie day camp.  All the other dogs were oblivious of our presence except for one.  Meet the French bulldog Emmy’s fondly called, Frenchie.


Both Emmy and Frenchie took to each other immediately.  When Emmy moved to the other side of the glass window, Frenchie followed. These two seemed inseparable until Frenchie was interrupted by friendly play from another dog.

FrenchieLvEmma (1)

FrenchieLvEmma (2)

Emmy affectionately said, “Aaaaaw, he likes me. Can we take him home?” After explaining to her that the dog belonged to someone else and he was there for doggie day camp, Emmy understood and agreed to go home. A month later, we came back to see if Frenchie was at dog camp and to Emmy’s delight he was. Here’s a picture of their first and last meeting.


As of late, Emmy’s been missing Frenchie and  wishes we could buy a French bulldog. We won’t be buying a dog anytime soon due to lack of space and the fact that French bulldogs are expensive. I had to break the news to Emmy and said maybe we could buy a dog on her 10th birthday.  Lil seeing her sister upset that we couldn’t buy a French bulldog suggested that maybe she could start saving money in her piggy bank.  Emmy liked the idea. (Thanks for the super idea Lil!) The girls made two piggy banks using Emmy’s old sippy cup, empty Pringles container, duct tape, cupcake liner, and rubberband.

piggy bank

So far Emmy has $2.46 in Frenchie’s fund. It’s a start, Emmy’s hopeful and so are we. 🙂





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