DIY Hummingbird Project (Kids Crafts, etc.)

Last night, Lil’s BFF Isha joined the girls for a sleepover. Slumber parties at our house are never complete without an arts and crafts project.  The two DIY craft projects the girls made were a sequined hummingbird and notepad.

What You Need for  DIY Sequin Hummingbird:

NOTE: This project can get a little messy and tedious.  Make sure to keep sequins away from small children and house pets. Our royal mutt, Bailey thought they were colorful treats when Emmy spilled a handful on the ground.  🙂

Styrofoam balls (for bird’s body)

Assorted sequins


Toothpicks (for beak and legs)

Feathers (for wings)

Buttons (for feet)

Cardboard roll (from tissue roll for nest)

Colorful duct tape (to decorate nest)

Paint brush (use to apply glue on Styrofoam)

(To make it easier to apply sequins around the Styrofoam ball, we poked a toothpick through the base of ball. The girls would apply glue and sequins and rotate toothpick handle as they went along.)




The girls had fun making this project. I enjoyed seeing them express their individual taste in color choices and creativity.  For example, Emmy used a plastic straw bead for the nose and the other two used toothpick.  Lil was doing very careful intricate work with the way she was lining up the sequins. She plans to add a few more details to her bird once the glue has dried up.  Isha was pretty quick and arranged the sequins in a slightly raised fashion to make the feathers appear puffed up. They were having so much fun that I ended up making my purple version of a hummingbird.

Lil’s (left), Emmy’s (center), Isha’s (right)

What You Need for DIY Notepad:

Square or rectangle shaped cardboard box 4X6/4X4 cut out (for notepad base )

Colorful construction paper (10 sheets, cut in 3 X5 inches)

2 Paper fasteners

Washi tape (use as border decoration)


Stamp pad

Brown wrapping sheet /grocery paper bag ( stamp design on it and wrapped around cardboard cut out after)

Hole puncher (use for sheets and cardboard)


The girls had so much fun bonding at the sleepover. It was a great way to end their summer break. You guys ready for school yet?


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