Around the Globe (Session 3)

Today the girls learned about Switzerland and Bailey (our royal mutt) even took some interest in the pictures of the Alpine trees.


The girls were surprised to hear that Switzerland has four official languages and noticed that there were no bodies of water surrounding it.  They referenced back to the other two countries they learned about and checked to see if Thailand and Brazil had a seacoast or if it was landlocked like Switzerland. It was great to see them take the initiative to find geographic similarities and differences with these countries.


Emmy aced her “Spot It” flag game.  She was amused to see pictures of the Alpine Ibex, school life, transportation, food and photos of the famous mountain, Matterhorn.  The older girls also had fun doing currency conversions.


At the end of the class, the girls enjoyed melting cheese and trying their first cheese fondue experience together.  So much so that in between bites Emmy emphatically exclaimed, “Mommy, I love learning about the world!” Lil and her friend nodded in agreement.  Next stop, Zimbabwe. 🙂


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