Around the Globe (Session 2)

Last week, the girls enjoyed our first “Around the Globe” learning session about Brazil. This week we virtually made our way to Asia and they learned about Thailand. The girls were excited but our royal mutt, Bailey was in a lethargic mood.


The girls were surprised to learn that there were still living Kings and Queens in other parts of the world. They also enjoyed seeing pictures of exotic birds like the blue flycatcher bird pictured below.

Picture of one Thailand's King
Picture of one Thailand’s King



Using flashcards, Emmy loved starting off the class with the “Spot It” flag game.


Instead of a pop quiz, the girls got to put their writing skills to practice in our “Pen Pal” activity. They pretended to write a friendly letter to another child in Thailand. The goal of the writing exercise was to share something about themselves and also ask questions.  The girls also learned how to say hello in Thai.


Emmy worked on a matching type and coloring sheet. I also helped her write out her pen pal letter.


We made a favorite Thai dessert, mango sticky rice.  I found a friendly recipe from Cooking with a Wallflower.


Overall, the girls had another fun learning session. I couldn’t find a traditional Thai Buddha as a souvenir for them but they loved the happy Buddhas I got them from World Market. 🙂 Next stop, Switzerland.  Happy Weekend!

image_1happy buddha



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