Brazil (Around the Globe, Session 1)

Last Thursday, the girls had their first, “Around the Globe” session.  The country they randomly picked out from the world map was Brazil.  We started the class by stamping their passports.  Next, the older girls quickly took on the task of locating Brazil on the map, finding the continent (South America), its capital Brasilia and popular destinations like Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  Guess who else joined us?


I showed Emmy a picture of Brazil’s flag and she was happy to play a game of “Spot It” on flash cards.


Using the Fun Fact sheet, the older girls (Lil and her bff) took down notes during the lecture.


They had fun looking at the pictures of animals from the rainforest and seeing slices of life in Brazil.  It was great to see the girls ask questions. It showed me that they were interested and eager to learn.  Towards the end of the class, I gave the girls a pop quiz. For Emmy, I printed out a coloring page and with the help of clip art made a matching type sheet for her.

brazilsheet (2)

brazilsheet (1)

At the end of the class, the girls got to try some banana flavored Brazilian cookies and received a sweet souvenir.  The girls had a fun time! Next stop, Thailand. 🙂






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