Around the Globe

Summer break is finally here!  Since we have no travels plans, I’ve decided we could virtually explore the globe this summer and learn about other countries.  A few of Lil’s friends want to join in the fun too. Here’s what we plan to do.

1. Spin the Globe– the girls will learn about 7 randomly picked countries from each of the 7 continents. We’ll meet once a week.

image (58)

2. Passport– each child will receive a passport that will get stamped at the beginning and end of the activity. I found these cute fake passports at the sticker section in Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Looks like our royal mutt’s joining us too.

image (59)

3. “Did You Know?”- This is a fun fact sheet listing information about the country’s culture, cuisine, currency, arts, government, livelihood and other interesting facts. We’ll do a fun pop quiz to review what they’ve learned.

4. Souvenirs- The girls and I will make a craft or cook a dish from the country they’ll be learning about.  I also got the girls these cute insulated bags that they can use to stow away their summer arts and crafts projects in, or use as their lunch bags in school.


5. Tour Guide–  Aside from the 7 countries they’ll learn about, the girls will randomly pick out a country’s name and will do some research on the country. Using the fun fact sheet as their guide, they will create a Visitor’s Brochure and share it with us.

6. Pen Pal– The girls will write a friendly letter to the country being featured in the Tour Guide activity. They will each get a chance to ask more questions about the other country’s culture and their lifestyle and share theirs as well.

7. Until We Meet Again-On our last session, we’ll have an International day and dress up in different national costumes and have a potluck party.

What are your plans this summer? Any fun kid activities (indoor/outdoor)? Do share! Have a great summer!



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