The Best Nest

A few weeks ago, Lil and I were ecstatic to see our new neighbors.  These two were definitely a unique pair. We quietly peeked out of Lil’s bathroom window to take a look as they settled in.  In the ten years we’ve resided in our house,  this was the first time we’ve ever witnessed a pair of birds build their home under the roof’s beam and we got a pretty good view.  Our new neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Bird. Lil and I are still trying to figure out which type of California birds they are. If you recognize them and know what they are, please let us know.  🙂

Bathroom windowsill view


Here’s Mr. Bird keeping watch while Mrs. Bird tries to settle in nest.



Other birds like crows, pigeons and mourning dove would frequent our roof area and agitate the daddy bird.


Mr. Bird on the roof trying to shoo away others birds from their nest.



The next few days, Lil kept a vigilant eye on the two birds. But the following days, we noticed the birds had left.  We were hopeful they would come back. Then one evening, my husband came home with an interesting looking object in hand. Lil quickly recognized it and exclaimed, “Mommy, it’s the bird’s nest!”.

We both quickly ran up to see if the bird’s nest under the roof was still there and sadly confirmed that the one my husband had brought in was theirs.  Our only consolation now was looking at the amazing detail Mr. and Mrs. Bird put into making their nest and the fact that Mrs. Bird never laid her eggs in this one. So that confirmed, no eggs or young hatchlings were harmed. 🙂

IMG_3728They used cotton-like stuffing on the bed of the nest.


The base of the nest was made with stronger materials like twigs, leaves and yarn


The girls had fun identifying different types of materials that made up the nest.  Here’s a list of things they were able to identify: yarn, leaves, twigs, stuffing, hair, thread, and dental floss.

This whole experience reminded me of the Dr. Seuss story by P.D. Eastman, “The Best Nest”.  That evening, I read the girls the story and they both fondly thought of Mr. and Mrs. Bird. Lil and Emmy hoped that both birds were safe and fine with their baby birds.



The next day, we decided to find a new home for the nest in hopes that another bird family could use it.


To Mr. and Mrs. Bird, wherever you may be, we hope you have found the best nest!




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