T.V. Land

A month ago, Lil suggested that we pick one day of the week and have a “no technology day”.   I loved the idea but my husband and Emmy were not so keen with it.  Those two could be glued to the television or computer for ages while Lil and I would be off finding other things to do like reading, crafts, playing board games, taking a stroll, or sitting back, and chatting at the patio.

I admire my ten year old for taking the initiative in teaching her little sister that there’s more to life than tv and computers. One weekend, I found them playing with an old Styrofoam board packaging. They were pretending to watch television on it and were using their imagination to narrate the shows.  It was great to see them both laughing and more importantly interacting with each other.

After an hour of playing, they got bored and wanted to do a craft. I suggested maybe we could dress up their plain Styrofoam TV with buttons, channels, etc. The DIY television craft was born. 🙂



Rectangle Styrofoam – for tv frame

Duct tape (bright colors makes it more fun) -you’ll use this to cover the Styrofoam.

Colorful markers- use to draw images for different channels on construction paper/white printing paper

Construction paper/White printing paper- use for TV background, also use one to make TV antenna

Stickers- use to accent channel slideshows

Velcro- (from craft store) attach to back construction paper and Styrofoam TV

Here’s their weather and other channels. Emmy drew the sun on weather channel. 🙂




I was happy to see them put their collection of stickers to use.


Emmy loves detaching and attaching the channels.   It’s a true delight to watch and hear the girls take turns in narrating their shows instead of being idly fed the information when they watch real TV.  Looks like Lil will get her wish of a “no technology day” soon.  🙂




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