What’s in my Bag?

Through the years, my dear and close friend Joann and I have made it a point to keep in touch by phone or email. She lives in another state and we rarely see each other. So, for special occasions like Christmas or birthdays, we’ve made it our “tradition” to send each other the yearly package bearing an assortment of goodies we’ve collected within the year.  My girls (especially Emmy) get real excited when they see Auntie Joann’s package in the mail.  Joann knows I’m a practical mommy.  This year, she got me the perfect everyday bag and of course, a weekend/ ladies day out handbag.  She also got both bags in my favorite color. 🙂

Joann enjoys watching various beauty and lifestyle vlog channels online which she introduced me to and I watch now and then to pass idle time when I have it.  If you’ve followed or watched any youtube beauty channels (here’s an example), you’ve probably seen a handful of  “What’s in my Bag?” or “What’s in my Purse” vlogs.

On occasion, I’ve been curious on what people lug around in their purses. For example, while my mom was visiting us, I asked her,  “Why is your bag so heavy? What do you have in there?”.  So here it is, my “What’s in my bag?” blog post.  This one’s for you Joann. 🙂

Bag on The Go (my new everyday bag) Thanks Joann!!!



Here are my everyday essentials: car keys, IPhone, sunglasses, small wallet, coin purse, wipes (always handy with the kids), mini handheld fan (Emmy loves to use this while we wait for Lil at school, especially on hot days), mini coloring pencils.


What’s in my make-up bag? Make-up? No, not make-up.


I usually carry a small tube of hand lotion, sunblock, lip balm, tissue paper, some mini snacks for the sweet tooth or low blood sugar moments, small drawing pad, mints, mini flashlight, paper soap, cottonelle wipes and bandage.  Emmy loves to play with my 80’s inspired cassette tape calculator. Lil and Emmy love to use the mini colored pencils and draw on paper while we wait for our food at a restaurant.


I also carry a small pen case that has my lip liner and a couple pens.




Ladies Day Out (weekend bag)


Joann got me this super bag organizer (see below) which comes handy when you’re changing bags. Don’t you hate it when you change bags and realize you’ve forgotten to put something else in your current handbag. Well, this really eliminates that problem. You simply pull the bag organizer out of your bag with all your things in it and put it in the next bag.  Love it!


I usually take the train to visit my friends in the city.  Here are my train ride essentials: notebook, headphones, IPhone, Kindle.


I carry similar stuff like sunglasses, larger wallet, coin purse, compact mirror, notepad, make-up bag,  and pen case.


What’s in my make-up bag?  I carry my blotting tissues, mints, hand lotion, sunblock, face towelettes, toothbrush set, lip balm, etc.


My pen holder carries my eyeliner, lip liner, perfume/lip gloss roller, and pen.


I also carry a scarf because it gets chilly in the afternoon.


Switching bags made easy. Voila!


What’s in your bag?






2 Comments Add yours

  1. nikita2471 says:

    Thank god for bag organizers! Am glad you’re getting a lot of use out of the one I sent you! I don’t think we will ever be able to shake off carrying too much stuff in our purses! When you’ve lived in the City, you can’t help but be prepared for anything so you end up with tons of stuff in your purse. Even now, I’m trying to cut back on what I carry in my purse and use smaller purses but they always end up too heavy!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      Yes, I know what you mean. 🙂 Thanks again for the cool bags and the ever reliable bag organizer!

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