Lunch in the City


Last Saturday, I had the best time hanging out with my favorite ladies (my mom and my sister, Corey) in SF. Nothing like a day filled with delicious food, great tea, colorful conversations and shopping. We had lunch at Saru Sushi Bar where the hamachi with truffle oil was deeelicious and my favorite.

Hamachi with truffle oil (at the back), Spicy tuna cracker (front)


To burn off the lunch calories, we walked around Noe Valley and dropped by Folio Books where they were having a store event. Inside, they were inviting customers to participate in a book title guessing game. There were about 20 books wrapped in brown paper packaging laid out on a table. Each book, presented a little peephole showing the book’s cover as a clue. If a customer guesses at least 5, they qualify to win a prize from a raffle drawing. The book game was definitely a fun brain teaser plus Corey and I qualified for the raffle contest. Am definitely borrowing this book game idea for Lil’s next birthday party.

Photo by Corey M.P.
Photo by Corey M.P.

bookblog2 (1)

bookblog2 (2)

We also had a mini tea tasting at David’s Tea where I bought a package of yummy mango madness tea and bought mom hibiscus punch flavored tea. They also showed us how to make iced tea using their clear tea steeper. I got myself one (early mother’s day gift).



Also, found this cute honeycomb pendant necklace at a small boutique whose name now escapes me. I just had to have it and the owner took $4 dollars off the original price.



The afternoon would not be complete without dessert crepes and coffee at Savor.


Hope you all had a great weekend! Have a great week everyone!


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