Happy Earth Day 2014

In celebration of Earth Day, Emmy and her classmates last week planted a variety of flowers and vegetables in their school garden. Last year, Emmy brought a bell pepper plant. She picked out a tomato plant this year. She proudly marched towards her teacher and presented her plant.

Teacher Ellen: “What kind of plant did you bring today Emma?”

Emma exclaimed: “It’s a tomato champion!”

It really is. 🙂

Lil drew the little earth icon for Emmy


Through the years, the girls and I have always had fun planting vegetable plants and flowers. The girls enjoy watering them and seeing them grow. Lil and Emmy especially loved picking the ripe tomatoes off the tomato plant. Here’s a link to some of the plants we’ve planted in the past years.

This year, we’ve decided to plant flowers that need minimum watering. Here’s the poppy flower Emmy and Lil recently planted.



Last February, we took the girls to Half Moon Bay where we found a bookstore called, Inkspell Books. At the cashier counter, they had rows of boxes with books wrapped in brown paper. The lady explained that each book cost $1 and the fun part was not knowing what kind of book you might get. The girls had fun picking out a random book. Emmy’s book turned out to be a really good picture book entitled, “Earth Dance” by Joann Ryder.  Emmy and Lil enjoyed reading the lyrical poem and colorful illustrations. The girls and I would definitely recommend this book as a good read for today’s Earth day celebration.




Happy Earth Day! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


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