Ugly, Beautiful

Today, the rain seemed to have taken a backseat. Emmy was ecstatic to see the sunlight come through our window. “Let’s take a walk Mommy!” Who can resist this 4 year old’s enthusiasm? I know, I couldn’t. Plus, it was a good time to run a few errands.

First stop, we had to return some of our library books. The young librarian clerk looked busy sorting through carts of books. We greeted her with a friendly, “hello” and she returned it with an irritated “what do you want?” look.  The young librarian approached us and Emmy blurted out, “Mommy, she’s beautiful!”.  Emmy admiringly looked at the librarian clerk and smiled at her.  The librarian lady looked and smiled back at her. Emmy said, “You’re beautiful!.”. The lady replied with an, “Aaaaawww, you made my day.” Emmy asked, “What do you mean I made your day?” and I explained, “You made her happy.” Emmy proudly replied, “You’re welcome!” The lady’s mood shifted from night to day and checked in our books in lightning speed. She even bid us a sweet goodbye and “See you next time, sweetie.” It was great to see that what could’ve been unpleasant turned into something good. Thanks to Emmy’s sweet compliment.  Good energy.

As promised, I told her I would take her for a walk after the library.  We were both glad to see flowers in bloom. Here are some photos we took.

spring2014e (1)

spring2014e (2)

spring2014c (2)

Emmy smelling some of the flowers. 🙂

spring2014c (1)

spring2014a (2)

On the way home we bought some daffodils. A small bouquet at Trader Joe’s only cost $1.29. Pretty amazing to watch these flowers bloom plus they bring such great color and energy to a room. Hope you’re all having a great week!

spring2014a (1)spring2014f




2 Comments Add yours

  1. daisy says:

    Your little Emmy is so precious! What a fabulous way to spend the day, smelling such pretty flowers. She sounds so sweet to have said such a nice thing to the librarian!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      She is my little ball of energy, my little firecracker, and yes my precious girl. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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