Last week, we got a flyer in the mail informing us of a “water shortage emergency” and “mandatory water-use restrictions”. I was surprised to see the restrictions weren’t as strict as I expected. I thought they would discourage use of dishwasher or washing machine or start rationing water. Instead, it only states what type of hose to use or how often to water your lawn, etc.


Here’s the General Water Use Restriction list they gave us.


Last year, Lil’s school had a visit from the water department educating students on how to conserve water.  Here’s a sticker they were giving out to students. The girls have been pretty good about turning off the faucet when they’re soaping their hands or brushing their teeth. Lil also uses leftover water from her school water bottle to water the plants.


The rain gods must be listening because last Monday it started raining. It’s been raining on and off. We’re happy to welcome the rain!




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