Sometimes the Moon

My dear Emmy’s been feeling under the weather since Sunday.  She’s been running an on and off fever, an annoying cough, and recurring cold. Today, I decided to take her to the doctor’s office, to make sure everything’s ok. It’s funny how her symptoms always seemingly disappear or decrease every time we take her to the doctor’s office. The doctor spent five minutes with us, examined her and shrugged her shoulders. Her diagnosis, “Common cold and cough, let it run its course.” Definitely good news but Emmy was disappointed that the doctor “didn’t give me a long check-up”.

When we got home, we were both happy to see a package outside our front door.  Emmy was ecstatic to open the package and find a new book. She headed straight up to her room with book in tow and sat on her bed. She eagerly flipped through the pages of, “Sometimes the Moon” and pretended to read it to her besties, Arfie (her golden retriever stuff toy, “the old guy”) and Ket (blue toy, “the newbie”).  Shortly, she turned to me and asked me to read her the story.


Emmy enjoyed the illustrations. She especially liked the one of the owl. She was also very curious about the sometimes elusive moon and asked, “Where’d the moon go?” and with the turn of the page say, “Oh there it is!”.


I enjoyed this lovely, gentle tale about a young child’s curiosity and the mother’s presence, her reassuring voice and unwavering love for her child. Great book to help wind down the kiddies for bedtime. It’s definitely going to be part of our daily bedtime story favorites.

The book also coincided with the conversation Emmy and I had on the way home.

Emmy: “Mommy, will I be ok?”

Me: “Yes, Emmy, you will be better soon. Mommy will take care of you.”

Emmy: “Mommy…”

Me: “Yes, Emmy?”

Emmy: “I love you.”

Me: “I love you too.”

There’s a wonderful line in the book that mirrored my feelings when Emmy and I got home and hugged each other. “My happy-is full.”



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