Literary Fort

Its seems like the task of picking up after my kids is never ending. Lil’s been pretty good about putting away her toys and crafts after using them. As for Emmy, the only way to make her follow her sister’s lead is to sing the “Clean up” song. “Let’s clean up, clean up. Everybody clean up.”

I’m glad my two girls love to play together, well most of the time. My four year old, Emmy has the tendency to take director’s seat when they’re playing but Lil has been amazingly patient with Emmy’s incessant, “Pretend you see the dinosaur fall off the cliff.” OR “Pretend you’re a fairy” OR “Pretend you heard a loud noise”.  The seven year difference between the two can bring on the occasional sisterly squabbles.  I’ll hear Emmy protest and cry when it doesn’t go her way. Followed by the heavy footsteps of my 10 year old (soon to be 11) Lil headed downstairs saying under her breath, “She’s getting on my nerves.”

They’re polar opposites. Let’s just say, Lil calms the storm while Emmy ignites the fire in the room. There is one thing these two share in common and the sight of them sharing this favorite past time always makes my heart swell with joy and my mouth break into a big smile. They both love to read books!

Emmy is quiet as a mouse when Lil reads her a story. There are also those times when they sit together and quietly read their books on the own. Lil’s face buried in a chapter book. Emmy flipping through picture books trying to make out the words on the pages. This is one occasion where I don’t even bother picking up the books and putting them away. It’s enough for me to see their faces light up with joy, curiosity, discovery and anticipation as they read and flip through their collection of books.

Over the weekend, my sister and I checked out this really cute children’s boutique, Mabuhay Kids in SF.  On the shelf were several prints of artwork by local artists. One in particular caught my eye because it reminded me of the image of Lil and Emmy reading their books. I bought it! The artwork is by a local bay area artist, Genevieve Santos. Love it! I can’t wait to show it to my girls and put it up in their room. 🙂






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