When Pigs Fly

This morning, I chanced upon one of my favorite children’s author, Sandra Boynton’s TEDx Talk on Youtube.  Emma and I enjoy reading her books before bedtime.  I love her simple, humorous yet endearing approach to her illustrations and stories.  The video clip came timely as I was looking for some creative inspiration.  Plus, a fun and inspiring surprise came towards the end of her speech. I found out that she produced a country music album with an illustrated song book, “Frog Trouble” with songs sang by various artists like Allison Krauss, Brad Paisley, Ryan Adams, Fountains of Wayne and more.  Emmy loves her Barnyard Dance book so much that she would often have me read it over and over again. She especially loves the rhythmic sound of the text as we read along.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the cd.  I’m excited to buy the album and have Emmy listen and learn to sing new tunes. Anything to have her take a break from singing, the “Let It Go” song from the movie Frozen over and over again.  🙂


Towards the end of her speech, she gave the audience a preview of a song she wrote entitled, “When Pigs Fly.”  The lyrics of the song hit a nerve.  Lately, my creative writing process has been put on hold by the usual suspects; lack of time, procrastination, a litany of “to do” lists, and the repetitive daily tasks of motherhood. My goal of writing my second children’s book and dream of sharing my stories with my kids and children all over the world is still a working progress. The task of writing a children’s book seems simple but the reality of it all can also be very challenging and daunting.  Sandra Boynton’s simple yet reflective song, “When Pigs Fly” will definitely resonate in anyone who has a dream and goal waiting to be realized. It certainly made me feel inspired and hopeful. 🙂 Like Sandra Boynton said in closing, “It seems to me that the best reason, the best answer to why is why not. It’s a beautiful thing although admittedly peculiar when pigs fly.”


Here’s are Emmy’s other two favorite Boynton books.

Doggies (A counting and barking book). Emmy loves to read the varying barking sounds and counting the dogs.


Oh My, Oh My Oh Dinosaurs. This was Emmy’s 1st Sandra Boynton book and I’ve read it to her since she was a year old. She knows the book by heart. 🙂




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  1. daisy says:

    The “why not” question is a beautiful thing. 🙂 Boynton’s books are brilliant! We have enjoyed them for many years in our house. This line is so true, “The task of writing a children’s book seems simple but the reality of it all can also be very challenging and daunting.” And completely impossible! Or so it seems sometimes. Keep the faith, and keep sharing great inspiration like this!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      Thanks Melissa, means a lot! More power to you! My girls and I are awaiting the arrival of your books (Sometimes the Moon & Threesday) in the mail 🙂

      1. daisy says:

        Wow!! Thank you so much! I also loved your post today about the fort — your family knows how to have fun!

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