Clean Up

With the holidays behind us, its amazing to see how much extra clutter we’ve collected for the new year. Starting with my side of the bathroom counter. How much of the stuff you have on your bathroom counter, do you really use daily? I use only about 75%.  Yesterday, I found an $8.99 solution for my everyday jewelry and make-up holder.


Here’s a before pic of my side of the bathroom counter.


Lil wanted to join in the clean up effort and arranged all my jewelry. I think she did a super job! 🙂 I love how I can see everything and I don’t have to dig through my jewelry box or bowl plus it doesn’t take up too much counter space. The bottom bowl was perfect for my daily make-up essentials (mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss). I stored the unused jewelry and other items underneath the sink.


I also bought a few cute cups ($4.99 each) from Marshalls and used the one with a black design as a toothbrush, toothpaste holder and the other I’ll use as a tea cup.



Last Christmas, Lil received bags of rainbow loom elastics, decorative tape and Emmy got a big bead set and stamp set. I found Emmy’s beads scattered in the tray it came with and Lil’s growing rainbow loom elastics needed to be quickly contained.


First, I lined the bead tray with wrapping paper I got from Target for $1.



I used empty plastic gelato containers to store the beads and elastics in.


Using a pill box, I stored Emmy’s little tiny sequins in it.


I found these small clear storage boxes at the a dollar store and used it to store the tape and bead strings. They come in a pack of two.


The tray makes it easier for the girls to carry out the stuff they need plus helps with tidying up after they do their crafts.  Next clean up project, looking through the closet and taking out the clothes they’ve outgrown. 🙂








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