DIY Om Nom Plush Toy (Cut the Rope Character)

Om Nom is a super cute green creature you feed candies in the Cut the Rope video game by ZeptoLab. Lil and I enjoy playing this physics-based puzzle game. He’s also popular for his viral Om Nom Stories which the girls and I enjoy watching.

What you’ll need: (for 3- inch plush)

3 Felt Sheets (Neon Green, White and Black)

1 Needle

Light green or Neon green thread

Black thread

White thread

Cottonballs/doll  stuffing (from Joann’s Fabric, or any craft store)

1 empty tea box (you’ll use for Om Nom’s box/home)

Picture of Om Nom ( to print, to use for felt sheet pattern)

*My sewing technique is not stellar but I had fun doing this DIY project and Emmy loves playing with it.

Photo of Om Nom that we used as our inspiration for plush toy


Using printed Om Nom pic, place on top of felt sheet and trace out Om Nom’s figure 2x. One side will be used for the front side and the other for the back.


On white felt sheet, draw Om Nom’s eyes and 4 small triangular shapes for his teeth. Also, draw 2 oval/round shaped pupils on black felt sheet. Cut out all the pieces.


Cut out the Om Nom patterns. Put aside. Take your black oval  felt pieces and sew on white felt eye cut out.  Attach eyes to one of the neon green felt Om Nom patterns.  Using a pencil, draw Om Nom’s smile across the face. I used a backstitch for the mouth/smile and sewed up his teeth along the way. Next, place the two neon patterns on top of each other. I used blanket stitch and neon thread to sew them together.  I would leave about 1/2 an inch of unsewn felt at the bottom. This gives you a chance to put the stuffing in. Finish off with blanket stitch.

OmNomSolo (1)

For Om Nom’s box, we used an old tea box. We covered the top half with brown construction paper and cut out a little opening.  For the finishing touches, Emmy put one of her doll’s mini blankets. 🙂

OmNomSolo (2)

Happy Day!




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