Birthday cake and Everything Else

Last October, my sweetest and dearest daughter Lil turned 10. Double digits! How time flies. The past nine years we’ve always had birthday cake for the celebrant but oddly enough she and her friends year in year out never consume the cake wholeheartedly. They would always say, “It’s too sweet.”

This year, I decided per the birthday girl’s request not to buy her cake. Instead, I suggested I make her puto cake, small bite size Filipino rice cakes. Thanks to YouTube, I found a simple recipe by Pinay Cooking Lessons Channel. Lil tasted it and gave it a thumbs up. For my version, I skipped the cheddar topping which Lil found made the cake taste too salty. Instead we topped it with sugar pearl sprinkles.  I’m proud to say, they ate it all to their hearts content.

Red velvet cake for the adults and homemade puto cake for Lil and her friends.


Puto cake ingredients


I mixed the leftover puto batter and the end result were two giant ying and yang puto cakes.


Lil and her friends love anything that has to do with arts and crafts. So this year, I set-up a mini-art studio at our patio where the girls got a chance to paint under natural light . Trees and nature were the theme. I was pretty impressed with their creations.










After the painting session, I armed them with colored pencils and challenged their thinking caps. The challenge: write their first haiku. The girls stuck by the rules as you’ll see in their drafts where they wrote numbers 5, 7, and 5 to remind them how many syllables each line is allowed to have. Each one had a chance to present their painting and poem. Their individual creations were both impressive and heartwarming. Birthday games ensued after. 🙂



Emmy and her friends got a chance to paint and enjoy their goodie bags too.



Happy hearts, happy faces. 🙂


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