How are you?

Just the other day, I was paying for some groceries and the cashier candidly asked, “How are you?”.  I was ready to give her a loaded answer of how I truly felt but decided to quietly reply, “I’m fine, thank you.” Its been 40 days since my father’s sudden passing.

Saying goodbye to him as we laid him to rest seemed unbearable.  His once great presence in our lives has become a big void hard to fill. But everyday, I try to find strength in the love and great memories he gave us. His motto in life was pretty simple, LOL- LIVE OUT LOUD! Everyday was an opportunity for him to celebrate life with his charismatic smile and presence. He was our fashionista in the family (definitely dressed better than me). He wasn’t afraid to sing his heart out and he had a majestic voice. He was the king of our castle. He led us with courage, humor, perseverance, sacrifice and infinite love. I love you Papa! I miss you!! Sleep in heavenly peace.


Below are burial keepsakes I gave him, his favorite poem Desiderata. A line from his favorite Christmas song, Silent Night, “sleep in heavenly peace”. Poinsettia flowers from his favorite holiday season, Christmas. A souvenir from the city where he grew up, Baguio City. Letters from Lil and myself.




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