DIY Tote/Book Bag

For our end of summer vacation project, Lil and I were inspired by beauty guru Miss Glamorazzi’s GIY Tote Bag.  No sewing needed! This project is good for kids ages 9 and up. Actually this is our 2nd attempt. The first time I made the tote bags out of an old bed sheet. Here’s Lil and her BFF showing off our first attempt.



Here’s Emmy with her mini tote bag.



Watch Miss Glamorazzi’s instructional video here.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fabric (21 X 36), you can also use a pillowcase or may purchase a printed fabric from Joann’s fabric.

Bag Strap (16 inch or longer if you wish)- available at fabric store


2 Thick rolls of Duct tape (for bag lining)

*We purchased our fabric and bag straps from Daiso store. (Each item cost $1.50)




The most difficult part in this project was stretching out the duct tape, cutting it and making sure it didn’t fold up in the process of sticking the duct tape on the fabric. Make sure to smooth tape out as much as possible. Here’s Lil laying down the duct tape on the backside of fabric.


I ran out of cupcake print duct tape for Emmy’s bag and used silver duct tape for the bottom part of bag. I suggest you buy 2 thick rolls of duct tape.


To attach the straps you use the stapler and reinforce it with duct tape.



Next, you close up the sides by stapling along the side with stapler and again reinforcing it with duct tape.





Lil loves her customized tote bag and was so proud to have made it herself.

















Here’s Emmy’s tote/book bag.








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  1. What an awesome job! I wish I had seen this post before I went to Daiso! Would have bought the same stuff to get Nora to make a bag!

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