Starry Starry Night

Last weekend, the girls had a fun time hosting their first sleepover! We invited Lil’s best friend over. The theme Lil picked was sleeping under the stars. It reminded me of a scene from movie, “The Holiday” where Jude Law’s character and his kids lie down under a bed canopy of stars. The challenge was to make it all happen in our living room. Thankfully, I remembered I had several old saree fabric in our closet that could be used to create the canopy. The fabric length was perfect too. We used thumb tacks and safety pins to keep the fabric in place.

Here’s the initial morning set-up.


For the side panels, we used colorful sheer scarves. Emmy especially loved running through them.




Lil’s BFF accented one of the sheer side panels with this cute little night sheep


Here’s a bird’s eye view of our canopy.


The girls and I wanted to add a little more spice to their canopy. We made up a game called “Shooting Star” where the girls would toss paper stars and planet accents above the canopy. They had a fun time playing the game and challenging themselves to throw the pieces as far as they could. Sometimes they missed the target and the paper star would fall to the side which resulted in priceless laughter.  IMG_4568

Here’s what it looked like under the canopy.


After decorating the canopy, the girls wanted to paint their nails. Here are the girls filing their toenails. The older two decided sitting on the ground would make it easier for them to file their nails.


Lil and her BFF’s own nail creation.


I helped Emmy with hers and these were the colors she wanted painted on her toe nails.


Here are some goodies Lil and I got from Michael’s Arts and Craft store.


I also found these cute tiny clear painter’s pail containers that we used for our mini night light project.


The colorful glitter glue we used to accent the lanterns.

IMG_4480 Lil made this really nice rose accent.


We had two other square boxes to decorate. Emmy requested I make her a hungry caterpillar who she named, “tic toc”.


Night light creation line-up.


The girls dinner menu choice was pizza. They played endlessly, watched a movie, read books together and my husband and I were even able to play a singing game with them.  We laid out  a queen size memory foam topper for the girls bed. Here are the three happy night owls.


Before bedtime, I was happy to see both Lil and her best friend writing in their journals. Their second sleepover together was definitely diary worthy. (Lil had her first sleepover at her friend’s house last month) 🙂

Here’s one of the lanterns with a sheer covering that the girls left on when they went to bed.



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