Ballet, morning errands and shopping :)

The morning started off with Emmy’s summer ballet class, followed by a trip to the post office.  The girls helped me mail a paperback copy of my children’s book Izzy Makes Sense to sweet girl, Kayla. Happy Reading Kayla!


Next stop was Target to buy a few toiletries and milk.  Lil was excited to see the “Back To School Supplies” sign and insisted we go look. So, we did and ended up buying her a new insulated lunch bag. I was surprised to see that she no longer wanted the Pet Shops, My Little Pony, or Hello Kitty character designs and opted for a more subdued teal blue bag with leaf imprints. My little girl’s quickly growing up. 🙂 We also bought a pencil case and owl themed notebook.

Speaking of growing up, I noticed Lil’s feet have grown longer too. We were at the ladies shoe section and Lil called my attention to this pair of canvas shoes by Mad Love that looked like a knock off of those popular TOM’S shoes. Lil and I liked it so much that I bought us both a pair. I usually wear a size 6 1/2 but their size 7 fit me perfectly. Lil’s slender feet fit nicely in a size 5/6.  In terms of color, we opted for the dark charcoal denim shade because it can match anything we wear.


We love the button accent at the top and floral design inside the shoe. They’re pretty comfortable shoes.  Plus, the price is easy on the wallet ($19.99 vs. Tom’s shoes $44).



On the way out, we found a few learning tools that will come handy since Emmy’s on a waiting list for the 2nd half of her preschool summer program. I found her an alphabet, animal flashcard set, phonics workbook and school bus craft activity. All items cost a $1 each.


For her critical thinking and problem solving activity, I found a simple 12 piece puzzle and card sequencing activity. (only a $1)



I was delighted to find Dr. Seuss goodies too. Emmy likes Horton Hears a Who. Her birthday’s still months away but I decided to buy a bunch of the Horton bags to use as her future giveaway party bag. Also, found crayon boxes that came in a set of four and bookmarks.


The lenticular bookmark shows Dr. Seuss’ name at the bottom and when you move it a certain way text changes to the word, Read. Great way to promote literacy. 🙂


Lil and I will are going back to Target some time this week to complete her 5th grade school supplies shopping. In the meantime, we’re happy to walk in our new shoes and are excited to show Emmy her new puzzles, etc.


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