DIY Alphabet Magnets

To help Emmy learn and master her ABC’s we decided to make a fun craft DIY alphabet magnet activity. Our royal mutt, Bailey helped out too.


Materials Needed:

1 Plain white poster board/ you may recycle any cardboard box

Foam stick on letters (you can find get them from any craft store, they were 40% off at Michael’s Craft store)

Magnet roll (they are available at educational or craft stores)

1 small plastic fruit container (I love recycling stuff! In this case, we’re using the fruit container as storage for the letter magnets)


Black pen/marker/pencil


Magnetic Board/any magnetic surface (we used our dishwasher’s door for a magnetic board)

First, using a pen and ruler I drew 2 X 3 boxes on the poster board. Emmy enjoyed sticking the foam letters in the individual boxes. In the process, I helped Emmy identify the letters as she randomly picked them.


Next, I cut out the letter boxes and attached a magnet on the back of  it. I cut about half an inch long magnet. The magnetic roll already has an adhesive.



Next, I put all the letter magnets in an empty plastic fruit container (you may use a shoebox/Tupperware as a container) and challenged Emmy to find the first letter of the alphabet. She would put the letter on our dishwasher door. I would continue to call out the next letter and she would put all the letters of the alphabet in order.



After completing the alphabet, we’d sing the ABC song together and Emmy would point at each letter as we sing along. I help her identify the sound of the letter and introduce a one syllable word that relates to the letter. Example, D is for dog. She identifies each letter in the word and says the word. Example, D-O-G, dog. We both enjoyed this simple fun learning activity together. Not so sure about Bailey though. 🙂




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