Mini Shopping Haul (Under $5 challenge)

Yesterday, Lil and I had a of couple hours to spare before picking up Emmy from her summer preschool. Time for Lil and mommy shopping! We found a cute tea place called Tyme for Tea & Co. Half the of store was for dining and the other half was filled with a large selection of antique tea sets, sweets, unique gifts, some vintage clothing and little knick knacks (forgot to take pics). It was too hot for tea (91 degrees outside), so we decided to wander about the aisles and find items that were under $5.

Lil’s find: Ty Beanie Babies (I remember when these were so popular in the 90’s). Each cost $3 and in good condition. Lil got Emmy Valentina bear and kept Fleecie the sheep for herself.


Mommy’s find: There were so many items to choose from but these set of greeting cards caught my eye. The cuddly character on this American Greetings card was called, Boomerang Bear.  Each card cost a $1.





Inside card


Card’s text


We were in historic Niles district where most of the stores sold antiques. We made our last stop at this quaint antique shop, My Friends and I.  At this point, we only had a few minutes to spare. Lil and I definitely plan to go back there and take our time looking around.

Lil’s find: I grew up with the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and was pleasantly surprised to see this ruler Lil found and wanted. Cost $3



Mommy’s find: I love clocks or anything that may reference to time.  I was immediately drawn to this unique vintage looking paper weight. (I went above $5 budget)


Another look


The ladies at the counter gave us their unique business cards as souvenirs. I love that they repurposed old playing cards.

Front of business card


Back of  business card


On another shopping note, Lil and I had recently ordered a few necklaces from Forever 21 and it finally arrived! Again, each necklace was under $5.00.

Lil’s pick: She loves owls and found this beautiful owl pendant necklace in a key shape for $4.80. We also found the perfect ceramic case for it from Michael’s for $1.50. She’s taken a great interest in accessorizing her outfits especially on weekends and special occasions and this necklace was a great find.




Cute couple kissing pendant. We initially thought the pendant would be small but it turned out to be bigger than the size of a penny. Cost, $4.80.



Mommy’s pick: Here’s my little silver clock pendant necklace. Cost, $1.80.


Lil and I had a fun time and look forward to having tea sometime when temperatures get cooler. 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. emmablanco says:

    Those are GREAT finds! I love Forever21 jewelry too. 🙂 Miss you gals. Hope you’re having a fantastic summer!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      Miss you gals too! Have a great summer!

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