Little Black Dress


Its been awhile since I last put on my favorite little black dress. Let’s just say the last time I tried it on, the dress zipper was not going to sugar coat anything and the mirror was not going to lie. There it sat disdainfully on top of my mid-section that awful, stubborn, unwavering -muffin top! Three years later and my battle with the bulge is still evident. You’d think all the running around and tasks of  raising a family would be enough to get me in shape but looks like I’ll have to put in a little more extra effort.

Recently, my sister shared a 30-minute cardio workout by The Café Mom Workout Studio. Unlike the more intense workout videos like The Insanity Workout, this was great beginner, getting back into shape workout video. The first ten minutes of the video I started breaking into a sweat. This meant two things, I was doing it right or I’m completely out of shape. Either way, it felt good to feel my body wake up.

I will admit there were moments during the workout where I felt I couldn’t push through with it. After each set, the instructor would encouragingly say, “That’s it. Recover, recover.” Like a new mantra, I repeated to myself, “recover, recover.” It’s true child birth and motherhood are both life changing and challenging. Now, my goal is to find the balance between raising a family and keeping myself inspired, strong and healthy.

I liked what Chana said, “It’s important for moms to stay strong and take time for ourselves.” To all the mommies out there, give yourself some well-deserved time off whenever you can.

In the meantime, here’s the cardio workout I tried today. Enjoy and thanks to my sis, Corey M.P.!


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  1. coreymp says:

    I really need to try this workout soon. 🙂

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