Happy Earth Day!

Yesterday I asked my husband to buy Emmy two pots of vegetable plants. One for her preschool Earth Day garden project and the other for our patio garden. I must say he did a great job picking the plants. I say this because every time I’ve asked him to buy a specific brand or item from the grocery store, he always comes back with a totally different item. “Oh, I didn’t hear you say that?”, is his excuse. For instance, I asked him to buy a lb. of squid and he comes back with a lb. of baby octopus. 🙂 So, I’m proud of him! I’m finally communicating better and he has finally gotten the message right.


Emmy’s decided to plant the bell pepper plant at school and plant the tomato plant here at home. Lil created the artwork and message on plant sign.


Plant a garden, recycle, clean up and have a great Earth Day!



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