Star Noodle

My husband and I have watched Bravo’s Top Chef through the years. Recently, we were quite impressed with one of the contenders, Hawaiian-Filipino chef, Sheldon Simeon. His culinary creations on the show looked delicious! Imagine my reaction when my husband shared the news that Chef Sheldon’s restaurant was in Maui and coincidentally we were there for spring break. I thought, yes now we get to really taste his food!

His Top Chef celebrity status has definitely created a big following to restaurant, Star Noodle. We found out when we called for a reservation. They were fully booked the next two weeks. What?!!! We called in again a few days later and luckily, they had a cancellation. Hooray!



Mom ordered the Hapa Ramen. It was a big generous serving. The girls and I got to try some of it. It was as they say in Hawaiian, onolicious. (delicious!)


For appetizers, we tried their version of Hawaiian poke called Ahi Avo. It was yummy especially when you added some sambal for extra heat. If you like tuna tartare then you’ll like this.


We also tried their Vietnamese crepe. I’ve tried authentic Vietnamese crepe in the city and would say this was an ok interpretation.


Their garlic noodle was a crowd pleaser. It seemed like each table in the restaurant had it and consumed it completely.


Another noodle dish recommended by our server as a house favorite was the Lahaina Fried Soup which had fat chow funn noodles. It turned out to be my least favorite. It was under seasoned and didn’t have any real sauce/soup. They should’ve called it, Lahaina Fried Noodle.

My favorite dish was Chef Sheldon’s version of Filipino “Bacon and Eggs” which was his interpretation of a Filipino dish called sisig. It was a perfect fusion of East meets West. Nothing complex but the crispy pork belly with bacon flavor together with the over easy egg, onions, tomatoes was as we say in tagalog, masarap! (delicious!! 🙂 )


My mom and I tried a drink that had Li Hing Mui powder (salty dried plum) and watermelon. Forgot what it was called and can’t seem to find it on their online menu. It was a cool refreshing drink.


We had mango pudding for dessert. It was ok.

Overall, the whole dining experience was good and prices were reasonable. The restaurant was located in an industrial type location away from Lahaina’s touristy shopping strip.  The restaurant space wasn’t that big which might explain why they couldn’t accommodate as many people. We waited about 15-20 minutes to get seated (with a reservation).  Our server had accented her hair with a beautiful plumeria flower but her service was nowhere close to being as pleasant as the said flower. Thankfully, their table runner saved the day with his extensive menu knowledge, smile, speedy and efficient delivery of food to multiple tables plus he resembled, Scott Speedman (to anyone who remembers that show Felicity) 🙂

By the way, if you were wondering if Chef Sheldon was there. He wasn’t. I overheard the bartender inform some customers at the bar that Chef Sheldon would come in and visit now and then but was busy with new opportunities. Good for him!

Happy eating!



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  1. Cocina Artista/ IronBlade says:

    Amazing food cheldon was one of my favorites in the series!

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