This morning, I was busy unloading the items from my grocery cart at the cash register when I heard Emmy exclaim, “Eleven!”. The cashier greeted me and once again Emmy exclaimed, “Eleven!” The cashier continued to distract me by explaining a store promo and Emmy adamantly exclaimed, “Eleven!!” I acknowledged her and asked “What’s eleven?”. “Eleven!” she smiled pointing at the cash register aisle’s numbered lightbox. And sure enough, there it was above my head in black bold print, the number 11.

Emmy finally recognized the number 11! Hooray! Our little math games have finally paid off. In February, we did our spring flower math game and more recently, with the help of Pre-K workbooks, we started exploring numbers 11-20.

It made me feel so happy to see her face light up with pride when she finally recognized the number. Her, “I did it!” expression was priceless.



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