Scholastic Book Fair Haul

Lil’s Scholastic book fair finally ended last Friday.  My future geologist and veterinarian was happy to score a handful of books and was especially interested in reading her mineral and rocks book and over 200 paged novel, White Dolphin. Have a look at what Lil picked out this year.



Emmy and I were able to look through the fair and bought her a couple new books.  The first book was a Cheerios new author winner, called “How Do You Hug a Porcupine?“. Emmy enjoyed the rhyming text and endearing illustrations.





The 2nd book we bought, “Bed Hog” told a night time story about a dog named, Bailey (what a coincidence! our royal mutt’s name is Bailey too!) who tries to find a comfortable spot to rest his head but always gets kicked out/off the bed. Our dear Bailey can relate to this story.  Currently, Emmy is our little bed hog. She hasn’t quite transitioned to her big girl bed and occupies a big amount of space on our bed. Thanks to this little book, Emmy saw a girl sleeping in her bed with her stuffed toys and she asked, “Mommy, can I sleep in my bed with my stuff toys?” I was quick to say, “Yes!” The big girl bed transition in the near future looks real promising. Thanks Bed Hog Dog!




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  1. So happy to see that your daughter enjoys my book! Tell her that the little girl in the bed with all the stuffed animals was based on me as a little girl! I LOVED stuffed animals, too!

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      Emmy will be thrilled to hear that the author of “Bed Hog” dropped her a note. I’ll make sure to let her know. Thanks again! The family and I including our royal mutt, Bailey enjoyed your book!

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