New Library Books

Some of the newest children’s book selections in our library are at least 3 years old. So I was surprised and delighted to find books that were published in 2012. Here are the two that we found.

Hippopposites, by Janik Coat

This book had simple illustrations that paired varied opposites, one textured page and presented some unexpected opposites concept words.


Here’s a page with a less common opposite word combination/ concept. When Emmy opened it, she immediately related the pictures to black and white opposites but the author presented the word, positive (for black hippo) and negative (for white hippo).  I read her the new words and she looked at me with furrowed brows and corrected me, “No Mommy, it’s black and white.”


Here’s another page with a less common opposites word combination that Emmy took to better. The solid red hippo in front of the house was referred to as “opaque” and the see-through hippo on the opposite page was referred to as “transparent”.


Overall, Emmy was happy to learn some new words and I appreciated the simple illustrations and focused approach of the book but thought some of the words and concepts were a little too complex for my little one to understand.

I Can Do It Myself, by Stephen Krensky


I was immediately smitten by the book’s retro vintage look. As the title suggests, “I Can Do It Myself”, the book illustrates different situations where a little girl shows that she can dress herself, feed herself, etc. All these pages were nicely illustrated and relatable. Here’s a page, Emmy was able to relate to since my little chickadee’s still stuffed up with a stubborn cold.


Dress-up page. Love the mismatched shoes. 🙂


I can eat by myself page


I found this book to be a great tool for reinforcing confidence and “you can do it by yourself” attitude. Now that Emmy’s becoming the master of the potty, she finds real pride in being able to go to the toilet by herself and proudly saying, ” I did it, Mommy!” We are definitely adding these two books to our must-haves book list. Happy Reading!


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