Let’s Count 1-10! (Fun Math Game)

The extra naptimes, chicken soup, and extra tlc have definitely helped curb Emmy’s fever. All that’s left are a stubborn cold and cough. We’ve been entertaining ourselves with books and watching her favorite shows. We’re still both not well enough to go out and enjoy the nice weather. So I thought, I’d find a fun activity to bring in some sunshine and get us out of bed or the couch.

Luckily, I came across a fun math game link a friend posted on Facebook. This great math game was inspired by the truffula trees in the book, The Lorax and created by Inspiration Laboratories.

I love finding creative activities that teach through play. Plus, these projects give me a reason to revisit my craft cabinet and use or reuse leftover arts and crafts materials. I also like to customize any new activity according to my child’s interest and learning level. I find that doing so makes learning for Emmy so much fun.


Instead of making truffula trees, Emmy and I made spring flowers. If you decide to try this math game project, have fun, be creative and customize it according to your child’s interest.

Here’s what we used: 10 Leftover number stickers, 10 foam flowers (you can use stickers or make your own cut-outs), 10 colorful pipe cleaners (you can use straws too) and 10 marshmallow looking foamies. Plus reused a pastry box and covered it with light green construction paper for the base of our flower bed.


Our number line 🙂


Number line and flower bed. (We’ll plant the flowers in the punch-holed area of flower bed)


Count as you go! (Emmy would plant a flower and count how many she’s planted. She will either place the number next to flower or point at number matching the number of flowers)



Once all ten flowers are planted, Emmy picks one out and we count how many are left. We make it a little more fun by singing the 1st two lines of  “Five Little Monkeys” tune. (We changed the lyrics :))

Here’s how our song goes:

Ten little flowers lying in a bed

Along came Emmy and took one away

(I then ask her how many are left and she counts and points at number that matches how many flowers are left. We continue the song until we’re down to none.)






At the end of the game, Emmy wanted me to draw smiley faces on the flowers. We also used the empty craft container as a vase/storage for our new number game.


And looks who’s smiling. 🙂


We loved this activity! We’d love to see your version of this math game. Happy Counting!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your flower version! Using the box is a great idea.

  2. Malou says:

    Your little girl is so like mine who loves crafts. You’re more creative than me though, with your fun crafts and games. 😉

    1. cmbanerjee says:

      Thanks Malou! BTW, I tried your buttered fish recipe. I’ll post soon 🙂

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